Monday, March 17, 2014

Opening Reception for Art Exhibit

The best artists in the most art friendly City in New Jersey.  Join us at the Union City Museum of Art @ The William V. Musto Cultural Center.

Premios ATI

The Grace Theatre Workshop, Inc., the premiere presenter of bilingual and Spanish language theatre in the State of New Jersey has been nominated in various categories by Premios ATI of NYC.

Nominations - Premios ATI 2014 (ATI Awards)

Best Actor: Lucio Fernandez. "Till Death" (The Grace Theatre Workshop, Inc.)

Best Director: Peter Dubó - "Till Death" (The Grace Theatre Workshop, Inc.)

Best Production: "Till Death" (The Grace Theatre Workshop, Inc.) 

Best New Actress (star): Maribella La Bella  - "La Remolienda" (The Grace Theatre Workshop, Inc.) 

Best Supporting Actress: Elena Mohedano - "La Remolienda" (The Grace Theatre Workshop, Inc.) 

Best Leading Actress: Ana Montero - "La Remolienda" (The Grace Theatre Workshop, Inc.) 

Best Supporting Actor: Edward Azcorra - "La Remolienda" (The Grace Theatre Workshop, Inc.)  

Fernando Contreras - "Busco amigo" (The Grace Theatre Workshop, Inc.) 

Stalin Cando - "La Remolienda" (The Grace Theatre Workshop, Inc.) 


The awards will be held on Wednesday, March 27, 2014 at the Poet's Den Theatre in NYC.  

For more info, visit:

Art Gallery @ City Hall

Lucio Fernandez releases a new music video "Enamorado", the title track from his popular 2010 hit CD.

Watch it now:

Lucio Fernandez performs "Enamorado", the title track from his CD "Enamorado" released in 2010 (available on iTunes).  Featuring Taylor Schramm, with Fernando Contreras, Larry Piscitelli, Luis G. Prieto, and Karina Popovnina.  "Enamorado" is written by Lucio Fernandez and Jorge Chiquillo, with musical arrangements by Gustavo "Chacho" Schartz and engineered by Luis Güell.  The video is produced by MeLu Films.  Directed, produced, and edited by Lucio and Megan Fernandez.  Filmed entirely on location in NYC/NJ. Available on iTunes.


Video Production Credits:

Lucio Fernandez
Taylor Schramm
Fernando Contreras
Larry Piscitelli
Luis G. Prieto
Karina Popovnina

a MeLu Films Production
Lucio & Megan Fernandez, Producers/Directors
Taylor Schramm, Choreographer
Luis G. Prieto, Choreographer
Megan Fernandez, Choreographer
Gustavo Marquez, Cameras
Saulo Diaz, Cameras
Jay Gonzalez, Cameras/Lighting
Lucio & Megan Fernandez, Editing
Ana Cecilia Unna, Stills
Francia Valenzuela, make-up
MeLu Communications Group, Press Representation

Special thank you to Manuel Suarez & Las Brisas Restaurant in Union City, NJ


CD Production Credits:

Lucio Fernandez, Executive Producer; Gustavo "Chacho" Schartz, Producer; Megan Fernandez, Assistant Executive Producer; Lucio Fernandez, Lyrics Jorge Chiquillo, Music; Gustavo "Chacho" Schartz, Music & Vocal Arrangements; Amy Smith & Lucio Fernandez, Lyrics "Maybe Tomorrow"; Ryan Socrates, Music "Maybe Tomorrow"; Gustavo "Chacho" Schartz & Jorge Chiquillo, Music "Choza de Amor"; Gustavo "Chacho" Schartz, Music "El Cuban Kid"; Gustavo "Chacho" Schartz & Lucio Fernandez, Lyrics "El Cuban Kid"; Gustavo "Chacho" Schartz, Background Vocals Lyrics; Lucio Fernandez (MeLu Communications Group), Publisher - ASCAP

Music Recorded @ Kaleidoscope Sound and Digital Boulevard Audio; Vocals Recorded @ Digital Boulevard Audio; Sound Engineers: Luis Damian Güell and Sal Mormando; Mixed & Mastered by Luis Damian Güell @ Digital Boulevard Audio

Musicians: Lucio Fernandez (Lead Vocals); Gustavo "Chacho" Schartz (Acoustic and Electric Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Cuban Tres, Minor Percussion, Background Vocals); Pablo Mayor (Piano and Rhodes); Naomi Bloch-Schartz (Keyboards, "Maybe Tomorrow"), Felipe Lamoglia (Tenor and Soprano Saxophone); Tomer Levy (Trumpet); Mauricio Herrera (Drums and Timbales); Pedro Martinez (Percussion); Antonio DeVivo (Drums, "Maybe Tomorrow"); Rolando De los Reyes (Background Vocals)