Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Local TV Show Going Global

The TV show “Live On Stage” airing in various cable systems throughout New Jersey and New York and hosted by Lucio Fernandez is going global.  The first episode of the weekly entertainment show is now available for viewing at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NINhTmpb-q4 
In Hudson County, NJ, the show can be viewed every Sunday evening at 10:00 PM on CABLEVISION Channel 19.

“Live On Stage” is an entertainment show that features local, national, and international artists.  The show, which has been produced by MeLu Communications Group for the past ten years, has garnered a great following around the State.  It is directed by Megan Fernandez and written by Lucio & Megan Fernandez; with camera and technical support by Jay Gonzalez, Ana Cecilia Unna, and Jose Tapia.

Papo Ortega & Host Lucio Fernandez
 The show will feature in-depth interviews and live performances with artists of all disciplines.  It’s about showcasing art and artists. 

The first show features interviews and performances by Papo Ortega, founder/lead vocalist/pianist of the hottest Cuban musical group in the tri-state area, Cubanoson; and Jay Gonzalez “The Actor of Poetry”

Jay Gonzalez & Host Lucio Fernandez
Any artist that would like to be considered for an interview may contact the producers by email at LiveOnStageTV@aol.com.

To view all episodes or for more information, visit:  www.LiveOnStageTV.com 

“Live On Stage” hosted by Lucio Fernandez… rated “C” for CRAZY!!!  Tune in at your own risk!!!